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@onedirection: Niall and Harry say hi #WWATour


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harry: fist bump me niall
niall: bro!
harry: fist me niall
niall: bro...


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Saint Paul, London. | bucket list | Pinterest on We Heart It.


Rally to bring justice for Michael Brown, Furguson, Mo. Times Square. 
We have to stop the race-based violence and discrimination. It’s senseless and awful. We are all brothers and sisters, and we owe it to each other to treat each other as such. 

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"Peter, what is the matter with you? You love this girl with all your heart and soul. Does she know that? Have you told her? Give her that. The rest of it is up to her. And you don’t have forever. None of us ever do.”

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"I keep myself on fire
to keep you from
coming too close."

- reasons behind jumping off tall bridges, Emma Bleker  (via stolenwine)

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