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Holland Roden - the Elle Women in Music Celebration 22nd April 2014 .

Apparently this pic is from today and Zayn just arrived in Bogotá, Colombia.


Sometimes God’s blessings are not in what He gives you, but in what He takes away. Stop trying to pick up what God told you to put down.

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"No one asked, at any point, if Mitt Romney might give up on his presidential ambitions because he wanted to spend more time with his litter of grandkids. Fuck, no one even asked in 2012 if Tagg Romney would do less on the campaign trail because he just got two new babies. No one asked because not only did no one care, but because everyone assumed that things would go on as normal because that’s what the fuck people do, men, women, grand or otherwise. The only reason anyone is talking about this is because Hillary Clinton has lady parts. And, no matter how you wanna sputter, “But…no,” it comes out sexist."

- Mitt Romney Became a Grandfather Eight Times While Running for President and No One Gave a Damn (via theflowershop)

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by littlekaty

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Harry with @rosiekingle last night (22.04.2014)


"The first person to tell me I was beautiful was definitely my mother, she said that a lot. Especially when I felt the least bit beautiful. My mother always said I was really beautiful and I finally believed her at some point." [x]


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Holland Roden at the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration in Hollywood on April 22nd, 2014

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